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Standard UPS

Data Power Group’s Standard UPS are an efficient and compact solution for supplying reliable uninterrupted quality power to all critical applications in networking and small to medium data center, health, finance, industrial processing.

Also provides high efficiency even at light loads and ensures 100% battery expected life.

A very compacted size, reduced commissioning and floor space related costs and lower environmental footprint with transformer free design and common battery management option.

Maximum availability during mains failure thanks to cold start option.

High flexibility for all types of loads with full output power rating and different high efficiency operating modes.

The output goes from 0,45 to 10 kVA, in 1 phase and from 10 to 800 kVA, in 3 phases


Small and medium data centres

Networks and servers

Industrial control and process automation

Medical equipment

Building automation


On-line double conversion

Transformer free

Full IGBT technology

Paralleling up to 960 kVA