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wherever power has to be generated quickly, reliably and efficiently (on an oil platform or on board of a ship), in an industrial plant, a large gas or steam power plant or for renewables, Data Power Group’s Generator are the perfecto solution.

Generator for industrial applications,  are still the number one choice for continuous or emergency power systems throughout the world, specially when long-term or unlimited hours are required.

Our Generator is also a good solution for a maximum energy consumption, power generation plants distributed, shaving of peaks (or cutting of peaks) and energy management in large industrial or commercial sites.

Data Power Group’s emergency and standby power systems provide uninterrupted power for essential operations and help companies comply with their safety and life codes.

Electric Power and Instruments Transformers

Due to the growing need to offer integral solutions to our customers, we have partnered with a recognized company in the manufacture of Power Transformers, either in oil or resin.

Our Transformers integrate perfectly with the environment and with the ecosystem and are built in accordance with IEC 60076-11 Class E2 C2 F1 standards

The transformers have characteristics of non-propagation of the flame and do not emit toxic substances and opaque fumes.

The manufacturing can be standard and custom made on request.

The custom-made product is aimed at customers who require particular requirements, such as power transformers up to 20 MVA, MV / MV transformers and transformers for industrial application and electric traction (for mass transport system such as the Metro), among others.


Sometimes power can be distributed using bus bars in an enclosure. This is called as busway.

Busway provides flexible power distribution solutions for a lot electrical applications where change and adaptation are important.

They are designed to withstand electrical and mechanical forces generated by momentary and short-time short-circuit currents.

The Busway Data Power Group offer are designed to provide an economical system and is engineered and built to fit your specific layout needs. The compact design occupies less space and can be installed quickly, providing electrical efficiencies and cost-saving characteristics and durability without compromising product integrity.

Also there is a product for medium voltage which non-segregated phase bus runs are designed for use on circuits whose importance requires greater reliability than power cables provide.


The Shelters, PowerHouse or Thermal Containers are used in projects where it’s serving  as houses of power in medium and low voltage, in oil&Gas plants, Oil wells, petrochemical, Telecom solutions and Medical Care Houses.

As part of the Totally Integrated Energy concept, the Power House rom Data Power Group can be using to provide energy to the required point required.

With this Solution Data Power Group, offers power supply solutions, from planning and engineering to installation and commissioning.

They are a real option to implement sustainable and flexible energy supply solutions, which is also quick and easy installation.

Alternative for temporary installations, avoiding installation, uninstallation and reinstallation, in applications such as oil wells and oil cluster.

This Shelters are the safest and most reliable way to install your electrical and instrumentation equipment in the field, no matter how difficult the environment can be.