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Understanding that no System is better than the Support it may have, Data Power developed an important and effective service network for our customers anywhere in the Region where the following stand out:

Field Test

Field tests help to understand the state of your system.
After the field tests we deliver detailed reports, so the client can take corrective actions, if necessary and thus ensure the proper functioning of the system.

Start Up & Commisioning

Data power, with a highly trained team of expert, certified technicians and engineers makes the Commissioning and the start-up of all its systems and can also advise the customer after they had the capacitation in our Training Centers.

Corrective & Preventive Maintenance

Corrective maintenance are a technical interventions when a equipment is damaged which is repaired in the same location of the client.

Preventive Maintenance help To obtain a long service life of our systems
For this we have different kind of maintenance contract, from timely maintenance to annual contract.