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Industrial UPS

The Industrial UPS is the ideal choice for industrial and heavy duty applications also due it can be custom designed according any technical  requirement.

They are used mainly in severe  location’s conditions and where its strength are  guarantee of operability.

All our  Industrial UPS have galvanic insulation and  is  designed to Supply critical AC loads with stabilized continuous supply, in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power & Utilities applications, specially where there are a very critical load..

Is used also in a redundant/parallels configuration and easy integration with external devices like, Distribution Panels, Bypass Transformers and Voltage Regulators

The output goes from 5 to 160 kVA, in 1 phase and from 5 to 300 kVA, in 3 phases


Panel Frontal Friendly and Dry contacts



Battery Test


External Manual By-Pass

Redundant ventilation

Associated battery cabinets and AC and DC distribution panels

Internal Lights

Earth fault alarm (DC)

Internal outlets

By-pass isolation transformer

AC/AC Voltage stabilizer

Input Light Arrester

Built-in battery breaker

Auxiliary Contacts @ Breakers (input, output y battery)