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High Frequency Inverter

The high frequency inverter model integrates the latest switching technology which generates a new and clean sinusoidal voltage.

Receives the power from continuous DC sources, such as the rectifier modules or from the Battery Bank, to be converted into alternating voltage (Vca).

These modular inverter are compact and they can go in any cabinet.

There are two models:

Stand Alone 1 phase (up 10 kVA)

Redundant (N+1) 1phase or 3 phases (up to 200 kVA)

These models are used where the space is very little, mostly telecom and Utilities plants, and also in Oil&Gas facilities, due the option to be tailor made.

Stand alone models can be with rectifiers module in the same cabinet


Friendly Front Panel with LCD Display

USB connector in the front Panel

ModBus Protocol

Dry contacts

Protocol TCP/IP – SNMP (WEBCsu)



Internal Lights

Internal OUTLET

Heating resistance

Earth Leak detector

Ligth Arrester in the input

Low Voltage Disconnect battery (LVD)