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All the Systems Data Power can work with perfectly fine with any kind of stationary batteries. The main thing is the battery bank have to have the technical specification according the operational value of the system in order to comply de customers requirement and gargantees the best performance.

Nikel Cadmio Battery

If your activities require emergency power, UPS or control & safety system power backup, Nickel Cadmium Batteries has the solution you need. Our rechargeable Ni-Cd batteries are well suited to complex projects in harsh environments and extreme temperatures.


There are maintenance-free or ventilated batteries with total reliability for industrial backup power applications, high electrical performance, long operational life of over 20 years and a low TCO (total cost of ownership).

Lead Battery

Guaranteeing uninterrupted supply of electrical energy is indispensable in today’s world. Very reliable batteries which start working quickly are needed in case of blackouts to prevent total reset of control systems, production process interruptions or problems during urgent medical operations. We can use vented batteries (SLA) or sealed batteries (VRLA) in GEL or AGM.


There is a model for each needs.
Even the briefest power outage could cause severe damage to sensitive equipment in IT networks, data centers and computer rooms. This is why Data Power Group use a highly reliable backup batteries with a compact layout that guarantee outstanding performance in high rate discharge.

New technologies

Data Power Group , in its constant update also uses batteries of the latest technology, such as lithium and sodium nickel.


Thanks to this, we can offers superior performance whilst maintaining the highest levels of safety, reliability and availability, providing outstanding system flexibility in terms of power, operating voltage and backup time answering your specific application’s needs.